Sacraments - Eucharist - First Communion

First Communion and First Penance

Our Sacramental Preparation program for First Communion and First Penance is designed as a faith journey for our children, and their parents to take together. Preparation for First Communion and First Penance takes place in 2nd Grade. Children learn about the Eucharist in class from January through April. First Communion is celebrated in late April or early May.

To prepare for First Communion, our children must be registered for 2nd Grade Faith Formation class. Our children must also have completed preparation for Penance. Like preparation for First Penance, it is a combination of activities and religious experiences. One of these experiences is a child-parent(s) half-day retreat. Parents and/or responsible adults also attend a monthly meeting to receive materials to be used at home which builds on the students’ class experience and assists in the child’s preparation. Children beyond the 2nd Grade who have not received their First Communion will be prepared in a program suitable for their age and ability.

First Penance  
We love to help our young people connect with Jesus through the Sacraments. Our children are prepared for their First Reconciliation from September to December with First Penance celebrated during the Advent Season. Our children are introduced to the Sacrament through instruction and experience, including a half-day retreat. Programs for parents are also held monthly to assist them in their role as the “first and best teachers in the faith.” Children beyond the second grade who have not celebrated their First Reconciliation will be prepared in a program suitable for their age and ability.